Jonathan Creek – Daemons’ Roost [DVD] [2017]

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Jonathan Creek – Daemons’ Roost [DVD] [2017]

Jonathan Creek – Daemons’ Roost [DVD] [2017]

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As Christmas Specials go it’s no ‘Black Canary’ or ‘Satan’s Chimney’, but it isn’t a complete turkey either. Since 1938, a number of people have disappeared from the attic of a Gothic mansion, owned originally by a spiritualist and now by his stage magician descendant.

Jonathan arrives, and it turns out — over half way through by this point — that the mystery is how the men could be made to fly through the air, and we forget about the dead family completely. A judge on a police protection programme is killed by a rapier blade into the chest and after a brief struggle, but only his sleeping wife was in the room at the time, and the only evidence at the crime scene is a torn fingernail.Guest stars: Dermot Crowley as Norman, Deborah Grant as Antonia, Zoë Hart as Rebecca Knape and Lorelei King as Justine Bailey.

Earlier this evening, I was feeling somewhat tired when I happened to remember a comment on my latest “Sherlock” review which recommended the “Jonathan Creek” Christmas special. A man who investigates 'supernatural' occurrences kills himself by crashing his boat after receiving a fax from his lover. I’m just sayin’, that is a lot of books to choose from… Second, due to Polly’s interference, we are 40 minutes into this 90 minute episode before Jonathan hears of this woman’s problems and gets to the scene of the crime (and even then it’s a scarecrow competition that enables this…just don’t even ask). Within the house the ghostly presence of Jacob Surtees can still be felt, as Alison and her husband Stephen unearth clues to the mystery that become more challenging and opaque, the deeper they probe. Orvat zber fcrpvsvp nobhg zl ceboyrzf jvgu gur ernfba Nyvfba jnf frag njnl – juvyr V pna pregnvayl haqrefgnaq jul gur qverpgbe jbhyq jnag uvf qnhtugre gb or fcnerq sebz yvivat fbzrjurer gung jbhyq unir cnvashy zrzbevrf, V pnaabg erzbgryl haqrefgnaq jul ur bcgrq gb fgnl naq yvir va vfbyngvba.The stepfather dies, for no reason, and it turns out he didn’t need to be there at all for the plot to happen. Then came series 5, a mere three episodes, including an inverted impossibility — we’re shown how it happens, but the other characters including Jonathan are unaware — and something about a phone number that was so embarrassing I’m surprised they didn’t can the whole thing there and then. Still, while the problem itself may not be tidily described, the broader scenario is quite intriguing and illustrates a few things that I really like about the series and about the direction in which the series was headed in its flawed final few seasons. How in the hell you can end up married to someone who is so keen to wipe from existence everything you were before meeting them and tell yourself this is a good thing is beyond me, and a weird narrative choice on Renwick’s part. Well, Jonathan Creek‘s 2016 Christmas special, ‘Daemon’s Roost’, is neither festive, nor particularly special but it is the best that the show has been in recent years.

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