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North Sea Hijack

North Sea Hijack

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M.; Jennifer Hilary as a secretary far more competent than ffolkes expects; and Lea Brodie as Sanna, the lone female crew member aboard the Esther, she also coming in handy when ffolkes needs assistance. Most of all, the movie depends on Roger Moore, and he delivers a dynamic and amusing performance of a man of action who'd be much happier in an earlier age.

As for Ffolkes' nemesis Kramer, Anthony Perkins shouts and waves his pistol with his sinister, steely-eyed glare that is enhanced by his lean, ascetic features and dark, close-cropped hair. Colorful cinematography by Tony Imi , filmed on location , the Norwegian dockyard port scenes were actually filmed not in Norway but in Ireland in the harbor town of Galway , the Galway Docks were made-up to look Norwegiana and the Scotish castle seen in the movie was portrayed by Dunguaire Castle which is near the village of Kinvara, County Galway, Ireland .

The bad guys, led by Anthony Perkins, have hijacked a service ship, planted mines around the bases of two oil rigs, and threaten to blow both of the mega-expensive things up unless they are given the money in 24 hours. If the British Crown refuses to fork over, Kramer threatens to blast Esther, Ruth and Jennifer, along with himself and his henchmen, and more than 600 innocent people aboard the rigs and ship off the face of the earth.

Esther's crew tries to fight back, but is thwarted by Kramer's vigilance, and two of their number end up dead. Roger Moore's likable performance playing a misogynistic character including pet obsession with his pussy cats and having an effeminate needlework hobby. When docking with them, they are rigged with explosives, and are to be detonated if a hefty ransom is not met. McLaglen actioneer "Ffolkes," based on Jack Davis' novel "Esther, Ruth and Jennifer," gives Roger Moore a refreshingly different, change-of-pace role. First, the James Bond star sports a thick beard, knits when thinking, and refuse to be proved wrong.Ingenious, conceited, and menacing as Kramer is, Perkins doesn't have as much to work with in his characterization as Moore. Roger Moore, clearly, is having the time of his life playing the eccentric, autocratic ffolkes, who hates women, loves cats, lives in a castle and drinks scotch straight out of the bottle. Its always been one of my guilty pleasures and its often a film I'll watch on a rainy do nothing sort of Sunday. And our stiff-upper lipped hero doesn't have an easy time thwarting the nefarious, loud-mouthed Kramer. Ffolkes runs a small but efficient group of mercenaries that he trains ruthlessly to perform miracles under the worst conditions.

I don't think that the casting of Anthony Perkins was too obvious, I think he brought complications to a simply drawn character. One of the best was this 1979 adventure (it was released in 1980 in the US under the title "Ffolkes") in which Moore stars as an eccentric British adventurer with a disdain for women and a fondness for cats. In comes wealthy and eccentric Roger Moore to lead a crack team of commandos to stop the fiendish plan. His final moments in the movie have since become a tiresome cliché of such thrillers but, when the movie was new, his last scene was a startling surprise. The bearded, curmudgeonly ffolkes favors Edwardian suits, does petit point and loves Scotch and cats.His father, Augustus ffolkes, had succumbed to a heart attack after witnessing his premature birth, thus making him the only child to have had a father die in child birth. He's on a North Sea oil platform where Lou Kramer, a clever criminal (Anthony Perkins) who has hijacked the supply boat Esther which is moored below, has demanded 25 million British pounds or he'll blow the rig sky high. Also, see it because it is still a solid movie after 22 years and I still am entertained after 20+ viewings. Her Majesty's government has hired him to do a nasty job on some people who have hijacked an offshore oil rig in the North Sea and are threatening to blow it up. Some bad guys hijack a multi-million dollar oil rig and proceed to hold the British government to ransom for it.

It is the kind of film you discover by accident (it doesn't have a particularly high reputation), but by God it really moves and is enormous fun whilst on. This film is the archetype for the Die Hard franchise and their ilk, only the Roger Moore character of ffolkes is about twice as interesting as Bruce Willis ever was.Months later, a North Sea supply ship named Esther takes on board a group of men posing as reporters who are to visit the oil production platform Jennifer. The next 12 hours could cost you 1,000 million pounds and 600 lives you need a man who lives second by second . Following the successful conclusion of the mission, ffolkes is rewarded for his service with three kittens named after Esther, Ruth and Jennifer. It has often been said that Roger Moore can't act - that all he can do is raise his eyebrows a few inches.

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